Kickstartin’ Monday: Bleating Hell, It’s Goats Yelling Like People! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 19, 2013

Birds chirp, cows moo, goats bleat, and so do you. Deny it all you want, but you might've noticed your voice giving away and waivering sometimes, especially if you're the type who yells a lot. Given all the stress in your life right now, who wouldn't yell--either in sheer frustration or due to extreme exhaustion--right?

Humans are most closely related to monkeys in terms of genetics. But when it comes to vocal chords? I'd say goats take the cake. If you're still doubtful of that fact, then check out the two-minute long supercut of yelling goats in the clip above. Close your eyes and picture people yelling instead of the four-legged bleaters, and you'll see (or rather, hear) what I mean.

Once the clip's over, you'll wish you never watched it. Goats that yell like humans? Yeah, it's the perfect time-waste to kickstart your Monday. Yowzah!

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