Kevin Smith Answers An Important Superman Question: How Does the ‘Man of Steel’ Shave? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 30, 2013

Kevin Smith has been asking the most important Superman questions of our generation. He was the first to publicly enter the 'How does Superman safely have sex with Lois Lane?' debate back in Mallrats (Answer: Kryptonite Condom, duh).

Well, in conjunction with Gillette, Man of Steel marketing folks have been entertaining a very pressing, very urgent question of their fans, 'How does Superman shave?' Obviously, since trailers and press material show him with that lumberjack / sea-captain face-tickler in once scene, and the fresh-faced son of Krypton in others, it's gotta happen at some point. Right?

Quite obviously, Kevin Smith has the best theory. Hint: It's not a Kryptonite condom. (The most honest / scientific one we've seen? Bill Nye's answer!)