Kevin Durant Sued by 80s Metal Guitarist Over ‘Durantula’ Name

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michael-garcia - June 22, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is being sued by an 80s hair metal guy over the nickname 'Durantula.' It seems some dude named Mark Durante claims that 'Durantula' is his stage nickname. According the lawsuit that TMZ found, Durante sent a letter to Durant's reps saying they needed to stop using the name, but they responded that KD doesn't use it.

The metal guy's suit alleges that Nike used the nickname to market KD's shoes and that KD sells basketballs signed Durantula through his website. I can't find either of those, but that doesn't mean they're not true. I also can't find it right now (research!) but I swear I remember hearing that Durant didn't even like the nickname. It was 'given' to him by someone on the internet, gained steam and became something of a fan phenomenon.

via TMZ

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