Kevin Durant Dominated Josh Smith on Both Ends of the Court in One Sequence

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michael-garcia - December 21, 2012

Kevin Durant completely obliterated Atlanta's Josh Smith last night in the span of about eight seconds. First Smith tries to back Durant down on the post, only to have KD strip the ball and then when Smith recovers and tries to shoot over him, Durant blocks the shot. After the ball gets stripped again, Oklahoma City gets out on the break with Russell Westbrook screaming towards the basket with Durant trailing.

Westbrook makes the nice dish to Durant, who takes off for the dunk and not only makes it, but gets fouled by a hustling Smith. After the whistle, Durant yells that this is 'my mother f*cking house' and the look on Smith's face makes it hard to argue. And yes, the game was in Atlanta, so now Durant owns Philips Arena. Durant went for 41 in OKC's 12th straight win.

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