Looks Like Kevin Durant is the New King of the Killer Crossover

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bill-swift - January 9, 2013

It used to be that the crossover move was reserved for guards and, well, shorter dudes. Tim Hardaway was the master of the killer crossover back in the 90s and it was called the 'UTEP two-step' when he was devastating guys with it in college. But with the evolution of the game, bigger guys are doing it more and more. Now it appears that Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant, who stands 6'9", is making the case that he's the current crossover king.

Durant and the Thunder were in his hometown of Washington D.C. last night where they inexplicably lost to the Wizards. Still, the highlight of the night was this crossover that Durant put on Trevor Ariza, who got so lost he didn't even try to recover as Durant sliced through the lane for the left handed dunk. Just like the game before, Durant had the home crowd oohing and ahhing over the move, but I'm sure he'd rather have had the win.

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