Kevin Durant Proves That Two Crossovers are Better Than One

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bill-swift - January 8, 2013

It was a rough day for Toronto's DeMar DeRozan against Oklahoma City. In 33 minutes of play, DeRozan shot just 4-16 and had a couple of turnovers in the Raptors' 104-92 loss to the Thunder. Making matters worse, DeRozan found himself guarding Kevin Durant on the left wing on a play and that's when things really got ugly.

Durant goes between the legs and the crosses up DeRozan not just once, but twice for good measure. DeMar is left swinging at air, before trying to catch Durant from behind. You know things are bad when the the home crowd goes 'OOOOOOH!' in unison. Durant of course knocked down the scoop shot. At least it wasn't just a dunk, I guess.

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