Kevin Costner Stars in Tragic Story of Man with Sisyphean Task of Making Cleveland Browns Not Suck

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bill-swift - December 27, 2013

Kevin Costner has been in three baseball movies and a golf movie. Two of those baseball movies—Bull Durham and Field of Dreams—are easily among the most beloved sports movies of all-time, and the golf movie—Tin Cup—might also make a few "best sports movie lists" itself. The only "disappointment" in the bunch is For Love of the Game, and even that wasn't terrible.

My point? When it comes to sports movies, Costner has a pretty good track record. So there is definitely reason to be excited about Draft Day, his newest sports flick.

On the other hand, the film is directed by Ivan Reitman, who has had a pretty spotty track record as of late (I'm looking at you, My Super Ex-Girlfriend). More importantly, it's about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns trying to "save football in Cleveland" by trading up in the NFL draft—and if you know anything about NFL football, then you know asking an audience to believe that the Cleveland Browns can be saved by anything is a bit of a stretch. The idea that ghosts come out of cornfields in Iowa and play baseball is more believable.

Still, I'm sure the film will do well in know, because football.

Draft Day hits theaters on April 11, 2014.

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