Kesha Loses Again

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Lex Jurgen - March 22, 2017

Kesha's quest to be released from her music contract with Dr. Luke continues to go very poorly. She opened with the allegations of being drugged and raped and moved down the ladder from there. Misreading Sun Tzu will buy you an 0-12 record in court.

A judge issued another ruling against Kesha's legal team in their never ending series of pleadings to cancel her three album deal with Dr. Luke and Sony. Much of what's left to argue revolves around the fact that Kesha never sent a thirty-day notice to quit her contract. Typing is hard. Her team claims they didn't follow protocol of the agreement because they felt it would be futile under the circumstances. The judge mostly smirked as he ruled against her once again. Dr. Luke raped her with his eyes via Skype.

Kesha's fans remain convinced their songbird is being stifled by an evil record producer and corporate co-conspirators. That's maybe ten-percent right. The FreeKesha hashtag hasn't exactly caught fire, but its mere existence provides proof that nobody under thirty visits reasonably reliable news outlets. Or reads.

There's a lesson to be learned here about not falsely accusing your boss of rape when you work at a job you can't easily quit. There are better ways to advance a GoFundMe victim page. Taylor Swift's 250 grand check still arrives. She's not stupid, but she really dislikes men. When you wonder what might've been had Kesha been allowed to make music the past four years, you will smirk like the judge.

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