Keri Hilson (Covered) Nude Provides Further Allure

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bill-swift - April 15, 2011

Adding on to the almost nekkid kind of sextastic madness brought on by Kaley Cuocoand Ashley Tisdale earlier this week, Allure magazine also unveiled the sleek and sexy R&B sensation Keri Hilson to the world, displaying the hip-hop hottie from the ATL in almost all of her glory. Quite an eclectic mix of nude gals twisting and turning for the photographers from Allure, hiding some of the better parts of woman kind; still no denying that this is the type of portrait of an artist that you won't see on VH-1. Someday, I'll unleash my sophisticated musical reviews on the world (starting with 'AC/DC rocks the mother effin' house'), but, for now, I'll judge music as it lies, and in the case of the sultry Keri Hilson, it lies almost completely nekkid and utterly alluring. Enjoy.