Kendra Wilkinson Swimsuit Trampoline Booty Act for ‘Celebrity Diving’ Puts an Ounce of Interest in the Craptastic

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

In an effort to save television as we know it, genius network television executives have all concluded that seeing D-list celebrities diving into pools will be their salvation. And while we would watch a show that features super hotties diving off of high-boards, or even Louie Anderson cliff diving off an Acapulco ledge where life and death were truly in the heavyset balance, well, this middling ground seems like the ultimate in craptastic solutions. Having said that, I'm guessing this celebrity diving will do well.

Enter Kendra Wilkinson, former stripper and Playboy model turned motherly advice giver, wife, and, naturally, author. Kendra is one of those D-listers taken to the swimsuit to dive for some amount of dollars while her ex-football playing husband holds her purse off to the side. Kendra isn't exactly the little blonde flashing minx she used to be, but not everybody grows up to be more interesting, like kids who call 911 at the age of 3 to save their families and then never do another damn great thing in their lives, sometimes, you just peek really early.

Still, when you combine our lingering faptastic lust for Kendra of the old days with her willingness to slip on a form fitting wet and clingy suit, we must admit, at least behind the scenes, we had to stop and stare. Enjoy.

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