Kendall Jenner’s Teeny Weeny Yellow Bikini

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earl-jonas - November 29, 2017

Yellow, it's me. Kendall Jenner managed to turn about two square inches of fabric into something resembling a bikini in her newest insanely sexilicious Instagram selfie. The international supermodeling sensation has been hitting the high seas on a yacht in the Bahamas with a total babe-o-rama team of famous gal pals including the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. Probably filming the promo for the next Fyre Festival. 

Jenner might have achieved haute runway fame, but she still has curves like a tried and true Jenndashian, and has the definition of an hourglass figure in this new hot selfie. With a little more sand in the lower half, but still an hourglass. Her bottoms are held up by what's practically floss, and this is definitely one of the best looks yet at Jenner's amazing bikini bod. That is, when she's not just full-blown naked.   


Photo Credit: Instagram

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