Kendall Jenner Sweaty For Love Magazine

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bill-swift - May 17, 2016

Why is Kendall Jenner sweating in her Calvins? I don't know the specific answer. But I'd like to think it's because she can read my mind seeing her groping herself in her cotton underthings, all spray tanned and moist. That would make her sweat, if not hire a team of armed ex-Mossad body guards to keep her body safe from the 945 point plan I've memorized in my mind for what I and the taller, hotter, leaner Kardashian do over the course of the upcoming three day weekend. One day to play, two to rest. Like the male lion, I must measure my making of the sexy skills against my aerobic conditioning.

When Kendall Jenner announced she would be entering the world of legit modeling everybody kind of scoffed not because modeling seems so hard, but because it wasn't clear she was seriously committed to the work. That scoff has since turned into a 'you can't really afford to book her anymore' refrain. Kendall Jenner is hot, personally, professionally, sextastically. What time do the undies come off? I'm asking for a friend who looks a ton like me. Please, Kendall, for my birthday? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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