Kendall Jenner Spread Eagle At The Knicks/Clippers Game

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earl-jonas - November 22, 2017

Kendall Jenner was anything but a lady while airing out her chalupa courtside at the Knicks vs. Clippers game. The fashionista paired white thigh-high boots with white pants and a white sweater, and was spotted drinking Dasani water. Gross! Having your legs crossed must get tiresome over the years for a woman, and experts even suggest that long-term leg crossing can be bad for one's knees, so we're just glad to see that Jenner is taking her health into her own hands by being spread eagle in front of the cameras. The anatomist in us is sensing that we are indeed seeing a little camel toe from Jenner, or maybe just some ass toe, but either way, you can head to the gallery to take in all the juicy hot goodness. 


Photo Credit: Splash News / Twitter