Kendall Jenner Short Shorts Reveal the Long Legs That Are Going to Make Her a Fortune

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bill-swift - August 10, 2012

(And that tush too, though, you didn't hear that from us.)

Younger, hotter, taller, and leaner Kardashian offspring Kendall Jenner is just like you and I were at sixteen. When she wants to see a flick at the local cineplex like Dark Knight, she throws on a pair of tiny shorts, decides whether to have the Mercedes or the Range Rover brought around, alerts her entourage, the reality film producer who lives with her family, her publicist who alerts the paparazzi, grabs a small stack of Benjamins from the family petty cash pile, and off she goes to the theater.

Okay, I guess the real difference between Kendall and us at 16 -- she looks amazing in those shorts. Enjoy.