Kendall Jenner See-Through Bra for Love Magazine

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bill-swift - February 7, 2017

Let it not be said that I haven't always referred to Kendall Jenner as the taller, leaner, hotter Kardashian. Since well before that was fashionable to say, let alone probably legal. Kendall is not like her other sisters in that she is the one to most take after her father, well, now her father who is a woman but not a mother. It's complicated. She got the athletes body versus the curvaceous short frame. She's also chosen not to enhance it, but rather stay au natural for the love of haute couture.

Featured in a mini-pictorial from Alisdair McLellan in Love Magazine's spring edition, Kendall shows exactly why she's nearly the perfect female form for tons and tons of silly, yet heavily revealing modeling. Why, just leer away at her sweet lust-inducing female frame and imagine the lithesome playtime possibilities. You may borrow some of my Kendall dreams if you're short on your own. I'd recommend starting with a compliment for her sheer bra. Then, removal. But to each their own. Everybody has a process. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Alisdair McLellan