Kendall Jenner Legs and Bare Midriff Model Walking In Manhattan

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bill-swift - October 9, 2014

Kendall Jenner, err, just Kendall, is now officially a professional fashion model living the life in New York. This means you can't just walk in ratty shorts down the streets of Manhattan even if that would be world's easier. Nope. You're going to be photographed from every angle. You need a nice leg baring slit skirt and tummy showing top just to grab a slice down the end of the block. And, no, you're not eating slices, though that is my dream someday to do with my supermodel girlfriend.

It seems like just yesterday Kendall Jenner was a young teen waiting to drop out of high school and begin her journey to hot catwalking clothing mannequin. Now that she's finally here, it's almost hard to believe. But the more I stare at her nubile now perfectly legal body, the more I realize it's all real and even better than could have been imagined. And this is just the start. Enjoy.