Kendall Jenner Goes Long and Leggy to Steal Sister’s Kylie’s Sweet Sixteen Party

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bill-swift - August 20, 2013

It was billed as a big coming out party for younger Jenner sister Kylie Jenner, but ended up being a stage for Kendall Jennerto once again prove that she's the taller, leaner, model hotter of her clan, showing up to her younger sister's sweet sixteen media blowout in a black slit dress that stole all the camera views.

Such is the nature of sisterhood in the world's most pimped out family. Kill or be killed as each member of the merchandise posse fights for their own piece of the action. And nearly legal Kendall Jenner is fighting just a little bit harder, or maybe just has more raw tools to work with. She could be very dangerous someday soon. Rest assured, we will be watching. And, by the way, sorry, Kylie, you'll get your turn to take a naughty Kardashian family turn soon enough. Trust. And, enjoy.