Kendall Jenner Braless Jiggle In Paris

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bill-swift - June 24, 2016

If you're a high fashion model, you can't just go about your metropolis walkabouts wearing undergarments. It's almost unseemly, really. Kendall Jenner gets that. And along with her modestly near flawless funbags, has made a commitment to throw the bras out the window at least for the summer and strut about the avenues of New York and Paris and the like completely commando upstairs. And sheer tops to boot.

Kendall is in Paris for something I'm assuming pays a ton of money and wearing a shimmering sheer dress that simply couldn't hide the lines of a brassiere or the like, so she spent another day in the midday sun with her sweet puppies breathing the fresh air of a congested city. In the very least, you're going to want your periscopes trained on her lithesome sweet model body as she passes. Kendall may not be personally generous, but she's personally giving more to the world than most young ladies. At the end of the day, it's the bouncy flouncy fun peeks that matter. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: FameFlynet