Kendall Jenner Blossoming Sextastic Behind the Scenes of Her Christmas Photoshoot

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bill-swift - December 22, 2012

We've been raving about the looks of Kendall Jenner long since before it was highly appropriate, but, then, we are inappropriate by nature, but we do have a good eye.

As the future tip of the Kardashian money-making spear continues to bloosom, with her 18th birthday in sight in 2013, the evidence of her breakout potential continues to roll in, including this behind the scenes look at her Christmas photoshoot where the taller, leaner, better looking Kardashian offspring shows once again why while her future will include few conversations of the latest book she's reading, will most definitely contain many large-dollar sum contracts for covering magazines, photoshoots, videos, and perhaps some wealthy oil-nation prince girlfriend action.

It's all coming together. And the centerpiece is getting hotter. Enjoy.