Kendall Jenner Super Bare Super Midriff Show In Paris

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bill-swift - July 8, 2015

Kendall Jenner is in full on supermodel mode these days. Working the high end fashion shows these days, Kendall is proceeding with her down time by means of showy outfits, sunglasses, and 'can't be bothered' looks to the paparazzi and adoring crowds. She's the perfect model in so many ways.

Not that my advice is worth much, closer to Lucy at five-cents, but if you're going to wear a cropped top cropped just beneath your naturally model sized ta-ta's, you're going to get tons of attention. Let's quit the pretend game, Kendall. You love the attention. We love giving it to you. The attention I mean. Can't we all just get along without the pretense? Also, what kinds of things will you allow me to bounce off that taut belly of yours while I blast Doors music in my place so the neighbors can't hear my moans. They keep complaining to the super. Lovely tummies excite. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash