Kendall Jenner Bare Booty Cheeks For Calvin Klein

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

In case you don't have the Kendall Jenner curriculum vitae in front of you, let's not forgot she's the new face and young lady body of Calvin Klein and his underwear for the ladies. Not a bad selection if you ask me, as evidenced by these initial bits of black undies and hot booty goodness circulating the undercrackers commercial spheres. Kendall Jenner could and can and does sell many things. But panties may be her finest hour.

At some point, Kendall Jenner will be selling half the things available for purchase in this world to young women. She's very good at what she does as limited as that capacity may seem. She's managed to seamlessly maneuver from TV reality star into legitimate fashion model. Being 5'9" and lean and hot and willing to bare your body for the cameras from a young age doesn't hurt. In fact it helps a lot. Her career and us gentleman oglers, both benefitting in our own way. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein