Kendall Jenner Also Hospitalized

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Lex Jurgen - December 31, 2015

There's not a single Kardashian family member who hasn't been hospitalized in the past two years, if you include Khloe Kardashian rubbing her cunny on staph infection while spoon feeding Lamar. Kris Jenner went in for 'undisclosed internal pain', Kylie Jenner was admitted for 'injuries from trampoline' accident, Kim and Kourtney both to birth various out of wedlock babies, Bruce Jenner to get tits and a softer man-lady face, Rob Kardashian was rushed to the hospital with diabetic shock and Kendall Jenner announced she was secretly hospitalized this year for 'exhaustion'.  Funny thing about secrets... never mind.

This fucking family is why Obamacare is costing between eleven cents and two trillion dollars more than expected. Either this family is basking in the public relations glory of soap opera sympathy or God is enacting revenge with early onset organ failures. Could be both. Khloe spilled ketchup on this hospital gown and it looks like a Banksy drawing. For sale now on the website. Ten percent of sales go toward buying Bruce a real vagina. Do I care how I'll look at sixty? None of us are living to see forty.

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