Kelsey Hardwick Demonstrates Why Not to Get Drunk in a Very Short Dress and a G-String

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bill-swift - June 12, 2012

Who is Kelsey Hardwick? Well, she's been a two-bit actress I think in a couple low budget things but mostly these days she's known as the girlfriend of Tom Parker from the blowing up big band, The Wanted. Which now means she gets paparazzi following her boyfriend everywhere he goes, and her by association. So, when she goes out with the band boyfriend to a late night club in London and gets hella snookered, however she comes out looking is how she comes out looking. Which is why, in general, when you're going to get loaded and be photographed, you do not want to be wearing a ridiculously short dress.

Mind you, we are thankful for such dresses here at Egotastic! (generally speaking), and we by no means want the parents of sexy celebrities to start raising their daughters properly, that's to nobody's benefit, I'm just saying, if you're going out to get blotto, ladies in general, consider your hemline, your boyfriend's grabby hands, the chance of cameras, and shave yourself accordingly. Enjoy.