Kelly Preston Cosplays as Chesty LaRue at Red Carpet Premiere of ‘Gotti’

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brian-mcgee - June 15, 2018

I love Kelly Preston. Not only has she aged incredibly well, she has been a stalwart, long-term (alleged) beard for my other boo, John Travolta. She's also not particularly obnoxious in the way other celebs are about Scientology. She's not calling alleged sexual harassers "glib" on national television. She doesn't appear in videos with David Miscavige. She's kind of the model member of the church.

But I digress. She and Travolta not only have a great relationship off-screen, they have wonderful chemistry together on-screen—except in Old Dogs where she was strangely paired as the love interest with Robin Williams instead of Travolta. Weird. They met on the set of The Experts—a movie I've oddly seen at least a dozen times thanks to some fat kid HBO summers—and have been paired together a bunch, including in Battlefield Earth.

I might actually check out Gotti. I've got MoviePass, so I can see it for free, and it feels good to support Travolta's films... even if they are directed by E from Entourage. And Kelly Preston is still smoking hot. I mean, just go back and check her out in Mischief. Sure, she's aged, but she looks just as good now as she did then. For realsies.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA