Kelly Gale Victoria’s Secret Indian Hottie in Bras and Panties

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bill-swift - March 27, 2017

As much as we dig the living ogle out of Victoria's Secret pimping and promotions, let's be honest, it's not the most internationally diverse type modeling outlet. They have a look that is their primary look and we absolutely lust it. But when they do step outside the comfort zone and utilize such hot and perfect bodied talents as Indian-Australian sextastic Kelly Gale for their libidinal teasing designs, it gets that much better.

Kelly's walked the V.S. show several times though she's not highly featured in the catalog work. The Swedish speaking multinational phenom of passion inducing powers simply kills it in lacy bra and panties. Her curves ever so perfectly designed to tantalize and tease and make a man feel like a man who needs a woman. It's the real secret. Kelly, more of you please. Less of the undies if you please. Enjoy.