Kelly Brook Spilling Cleavage For Peeping Toms

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bill-swift - June 30, 2016

Kelly Brook comes in and out of our lives to remind us for shame for ever forgetting just how hot she is. Kelly and her mams of goodness can consume a man or Sapphic leaning woman's soul with just a glance. So she has to go away at times to teach us a lesson about not taking any major league funbags for granted. I get it, Kelly. Lesson well taught. Though a spanking would certainly drive it all home.

Kelly was out on the town, something rather rare for her these days, and showing off her funbags full and glorious in a low cut top. Because that's just what nice girls do. Splendid hot bodies deserve public exposure, else why have them in the first place? Kelly has been burning our britches for a solid decade of curvaceous wonderment. Now is the time for another peek at those bare ladies, Kelly. That once every couple years exposure where we get to collapse to the ground in epic tingles. Summer is the season for topless, my dear. I read it in an almanac. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash