Kelly Brook Lingerie Pictures, A Bit Touched, But Enough to Leave You Feeling Touched

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bill-swift - July 17, 2013

Granted, these wicked hot Kelly Brook lingerie pictures from our friends at Nuts magazine are a tad bit brushed in post-production. Still, there's no denying the underlying sultry curvaceous hotness of Kelly Brook who we've seen both bare-topped and up her skirt in the past couple of weeks. So we have a decent idea of how she looks for real. And we know just how sextastic she can appear in lingerie, as she does in this lust-inducing pictorial.

The idea of Kelly Brook in silky and lacy little nothings on the faux bear skin rug of my living room/kitchen just makes me want to vomit with excitement. You know it's a good excitement when you vomit just a little. I'll turn away so as not to frighten Kelly when it happens for real. And a little Scope before we become two entangled sweaty messes. Enjoy.