Kelly Brook Drops Her Own Cleave Sexy at ‘Skyfall’ Premiere

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bill-swift - October 25, 2012

While Berenice Marlohe was the focal point for oglers and Bond fans alike at the London premiere of Skyfall, there's no way we're omitting our own droolfest that took place when Kelly Brook arrived in a delicious looking cleave-dropping little number that left our little member (err, monster mike) feeling all sorts of desires to travel to the U.K. to get the van a'rocking.

We've dug deep with passion for Kelly Brook for so many years now that we often forget our roots, or at least the roots of our desire for Kelly, that curvaceous and most female form of hers often hid behind low cut or skimpy tight outfits. The Skyfall premiere was no exception. License to feel, please? Enjoy.