Kelly Brook Brings Her Body Assets to Bare for Mall Opening

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bill-swift - September 14, 2011

When the girlfriend asks if you want to go to the mall, there's the initial reflexive (and correct) thought, 'She doesn't really want me to go to the mall, but she can't find anybody else, and now I'm going to stand around for hours on end holding a purse.' The much wiser girlfriend would say, 'Hey, want to go check out Kelly Brook in a skimpy tight dress?', and then, if you were at the Westfield Mall opening yesterday in the Old Country, you'd still end up holding a purse and looking stupid, but you would get to see the fine piece of female form that is Kelly Brook, on full pimpstress display for the benefit of shopping kind.

The junk in Kelly's trunk makes me want to grow a couple more hands, all the more to wrap around those fleshy fantastic beasts. If it's off to the mall, this is the only way I'd have it. Enjoy.