Kelly Brook Bikinis Finally Get Down to the Business of the Boobtastic

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bill-swift - February 6, 2014

After a couple days of lovey-dovey squeezing with her new muscle-head boyfriend, Kelly Brook got down to the real business of her rip roaring bikini body. A little modeling in some hoisting two pieces for New Look. Hey, these Miami beach vacations don't pay for themselves.

It's hard to imagine any bikini capable of containing Kelly Brook's epic bodacious body, but I suppose these especially curvaceous figure designed swimsuits are built for maximum support of the faptastic Brook body. A shame really that such support should be in the hands of seamstresses, rather than in, say, my hands. Nevertheless, Kelly can't possibly hide her goodies behind any manmade material as she made many men hide against swimming pool walls to avoid potential embarrassment. She is quite the looker. I still can't stop. Enjoy.