Kelly Brook Bikini Cleavage For Atkins

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bill-swift - June 20, 2015

The thing I love about the Hollywood version of the Kelly Brook bodacious body is that Kelly has really kept all her curves, while losing a few lbs. around the waist so she'd look more slender on TV in her short lived Ellen-produced sitcom. The workouts and diets worked much better than the show.

I guess Kelly is crediting her Atkins diet routine as she's pimping the shizz out of their low carb regimens by way of flashing various glimpses, peeks, and all around happy visual wonderments of her boobtastic and new more slender tummy for the popular diet brand. I'm not sure you need to pay a third party to tell you to eat less french fries and workout more, but to each their own. On Kelly, the ends justify the means. I mean, c'mon, look at this ends. Simply stellar, Ms. Brook. Yes, I can come in for a tea. Your boyfriend's gone the whole weekend you say? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Atkins Behind The Scenes Video