Kelly Benismon Bikini Pictures Roll MILFily Along from Easter in Miami

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bill-swift - April 22, 2014

Yes, the Real Housewives shows are an abomination of good taste and decent social behavior. Something like that. I don't watch them because if I want to see lots of plastic surgery faced ladies getting loaded and fighting, I can head over to the mall here in Beverly Hills on any given holiday and check out the catfights over parking spaces. I do on occasion. Nevertheless, there is the occasional shining star in the poop that is Bravo!, including Kelly Bensimon, who with the help of some amazing genes and some fine tuning work in NYC medical offices, continues to stoke the flames of passion as a New York Housewife when she heads down Miami Way to get her bikini on. In fact, Kelly treated us to a double bikini view weekend in South Florida...

...reminding us that multi-bikini vacations from women with stellar bodies is a gift that should never be forsaken. And we shall not forsake, just peruse and ogle the wares of the 45-year old mommy splashing in the water. We do so love alluring women and watersports. Enjoy.

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