Kelli Berglund Hotter Than Ever In BlackChalk Magazine!

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bill-swift - January 7, 2017

Blonde Disney no longer kid actress Kelli Berglund is still very much in the Mouse House working controlled mode when it comes to her all grow'd up hotness, but you know how the sextastic is. Very difficult to contain. And un-contained it is in this stellar hot photoshoot for BlackChalk Magazine by photographer Gregory Keith Metcalf.

Talk about a new level of hotness for Kelli, the twenty year old TV starlet shines with body and spirit and hot looks in this very mature themed shoot. Every girl comes of age, no matter how hard Disney and the like attempt to keep them as profit earning kids forever. Kelli Berglund is a woman and in this visual display of allure, you might say the genie's now officially out of the bottle. Not the most risque we've seen before, but the most risque from Kelli. She has so much potential. Enjoy.

Photo credit: BlackChalk magazine