Keeping Up With the Gronkowskis and Five Other Athletes Who Should Have Their Own Reality Shows

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

Move over Kim, Kourtney, Kloe, and the rest of the Kardashian clan! It's time to make room for the newest family to take reality television by storm--the Gronkowski's! It hasn't happened yet, but the family of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is in talks for a reality show to be based on the athletic brood.

Athletic this family is with just about everyone playing college or professional football (or baseball). Heck, even great-Grandfather Ignatius was an Olympian. Rob has already shown us over the summer that he could easily take over for Brett Michaels on VH1 in the Bus of Love. If the rest of the family is half as nutty as he is it could make for some pretty entertaining television.

Not all athletes have the personality to pull off a reality show. I'm not a Terrell Owens fan myself, but I still watched his VH1 show. Chad Ochocinco wasn't half bad on his either. Here are some guys that could put TO, Ochocinco, the Gronkowski's, and maybe even the Kardashians to shame if they were given there own show:

Intervention with Ray Lewis: Could you say no if he told you to quit doing something?

Judge Rex Ryan: Do you think he'll have the patience to handle small claims court? I don't either; that's what will make this hilarious.

The Jared Allen Project: Each week Jaren Allen will take someone out of the country club and turn him into a redneck.

Kenny Britt, Lawman: Who better than someone who has had as many run-ins with the cops as he has?

Tough Love with Brandon Marshall: Each season Marshall will take couple with a history of domestic violence and show them how to stay together (and healthy).

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