Kayte Walsh Black Bikini Super Hottie In Miami

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bill-swift - February 20, 2016

Kayte Walsh made her way across the sands in Miami in a bikini so small it was hard not to notice that she was somebody famous. The much younger wife of Kelsey Grammer strolled like a MILFy Hollywood wife should showing off in a eensy weensy black with no polka dots bikini. Not exactly a daring suit, but a very baring suit all the same for the mommy.

Kayte serves to remind us that when we turn sixty, it sure would be nice to have a lot of money in the bank and a hot young wife bearing us babies. I mean, that's not for everybody, but for more people than you probably think. She's not a trophy anything. She's just a woman who still looks nice in a bikini while you're bobos are ever sagging closer to the ground. What could be more beautiful in term of a relationship? Kayte, do you have a younger sister perhaps? Yes, I know, I still need the money part. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash