Fitness Model Kayta Henry Thongtastic Snapchat

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bill-swift - May 16, 2017

Not everybody can be a social media fitness model with millions and millions of followers. Trust me, I tried. Damn you, muffin top and long term impacts of beer drinking. But bless you to the twelve men in Corcoran State Prison who remain my loyal followers. Instagram star Kayta Henry on the other hand has entire swaths of the world following her perfectly taut booty and stellar body going up and down and side to side, perhaps these is some logic to these numbers.

The epic bodied hottie took to Snapchat as many are to really reveal the full power of her passion inducing curves and soft skinned but firm bodied fit and faptastic female form. That necessarily must include a thong and some heavy duty peekaboo at sweet parts and an asstastic that qualifies as a national treasure. For all nations. No one nation should own such incredible power of imagination and squeezability. If not spanking. But there I go again. Thong thong snap snap. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @katyahenry / Snapchat

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