Instagram Fitness Star Katya Henry Black Thong Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - June 6, 2016

Professions available to millennials sure are changing. Instagram star seems to be a brand new one. Self-described fitness instructors have always been around, but the ones with millions of followers are kind of new. I mean, me and a couple other guys do ogle the Spin class instructor at our gym. But 2.5 million people follow the workout routines and asstastic focused candid shots of Katya Henry on social media where the Miami outrageously hot bodied new age celebrity hangs out on beach and sand and shops.

Katya Henry took to the shores of her native city to remind people why she's not just an online object d'lust. The perfect bootied sweetheart and sextastic tanned bit of passion inducement pranced and promenaded and preened derriere up along the Miami shoreline in a black bikini just to remind all male onlookers that their johnsons were still working. Such a visual treat when a woman who makes her living off looking stellar in a bikini does a live tour. And it's free. And I own binoculars. Just saying. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash