Katy Perry Teases Flesh In Moschino

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bill-swift - June 17, 2015

Okay, so maybe there's just one solid shot of Katy Cocktease chest flesh in this mini-fashion pictorial for Moschino, a place online where women go to spend money on clothes they'd look better without. But one solid shot indeed. Considering we've been begging Katy to show us her funbags for the past millennium, this may be one of the better shots we ever see.

The Katy Cocktease conundrum continues as the pop diva uses her body and sexuality to sell her music, without being willing to share herself in a manner she finds unbecoming. Hmm, there might be some level of convenient rationale in that principle. Nevertheless, we continue with our campaign of hope and justice for the children. Well, our inner child, twelve year old boy, who just wants to scream out, Katy, show us your melons so we might become men! I actually just uttered that allowed here in the office. I'm not ashamed, though I probably should be. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Moschino