Katy Perry, Smurfette, and Cancun: It’s Like a Fantasy Come True

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bill-swift - April 25, 2013

I'd be lying if I said I never had a romantic thought about various female cartoon characters. Sure they don't end up showing much, but neither does Katy Cocktease and I can never peel her away from my dreams either.

Katy was in Cancun for a promotional event for Smurfs 2 (I know, who hasn't been counting the days until that film arrives), flashing some cleavage, and making Smurfette wonder if she could've got her own gig had she been willing to show 90%, but never all, of her female form.

Alas, it probably doesn't work for blue midgets as well as hottie pop divas, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't smurf it. Enjoy.