Katy Perry Shows Off Her Legs for Elle

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bill-swift - August 2, 2013

Oh, Katy Cocktease has found another way to get the men interested, in this case going below the belt to flash some seriously good looking legs in the new edition of Elle magazine. Granted, there may be a little post-production angelic effect going on in this photos, but there's no denying that for all we mock Katy for her show-but-not-all wayward stance, she's one alluring pop diva.

One day, Katy Perry will realize the errors of her ways, the mistake in thinking it's okay to use your body to build a career, without ever showing her body in full and fine fashion. Until that day, we'll revel in the delights we can and think loudly inside our own brains, 'Dammit, Katy, show us your boobs already!'. Enjoy.