Katy Perry Seductress For Cheap Ugly Shoes

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Sam Robeson - September 21, 2017

Former pop starlet Katy Petty poses in a hilarious and irreverent new ad campaign featuring half-assed retro stylings and a big bear for her crappy shoe collection. Perry delivers a come-hither face that can't compete with the rest of her appearance, which screams washed up, desperate, and expired. Interesting angle for an ad campaign, but whatever foots the bills of pimping out an album that no one wants to hear.

For those who don't know, Perry has a passion for gluing the contents of a Hobby Lobby janitor's dustpan onto high heels and then selling them to idiots under her Katy Perry Collections brand. The results look like they could be found in the checkout line at Marshalls buried under twelve red discount stickers. Which, they probably are.

While respectable stars ho themselves out for haute designers and refreshing carbonated beverages, Perry is doing everything she can to make this shoe thing work. Even willing to look like a mentally disabled Mad Men secretary crawling around on the floor. Dedication. But to what avail. Can we start a petition to bring back the old Katy Perry? Or just to never hear from her again?    


Photo Credit: Katy Perry Collections

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