Katy Perry New Showy Covergirl Campaign

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michael-garcia - July 21, 2016

Katy Perry used her amazing good looks and her ample bosom in order to sell mascara for Covergirl. The pop princess is the new face of the make-up brand and they couldn't have made a better choice. Katy is beautiful, looking like a sultrier and less hipster version of Zoey Dechanel. But I think what really guarantees her success as a spokeswoman is those legendary Katy Perry ta-tas. I've been an admirer of those sweater hams ever since Katy first hit the scene a few years ago. I envy any man, like that toolbag Russell Brand, that has gotten to handle them. They are like a work of art and only the worthy should have a go at them. 

She's even hot when she's dressed in some ridiculous outfit like the Cersi Lannister meets a sexy purple cat getup they have her in these pictures. That's the mark of a true hottie when she looks good in anything. 


Photo Credit: Covergirl