Katy Perry Deep Cleavage Sends My Heart a Flutter (With Some Residual Fluttering Down Below)

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bill-swift - January 28, 2014

Whoa, Katy Cocktease, you have done it again. Damn you, woman. Make this suffering end.

Katy wore a rather low cut gown to the Sony post-Grammys party, in contrast to her more modest and maternal frock for the red carpet of the award show itself. In between she wore something black and lit herself on fire. But her Sony party wardrobe, the Perry chest exhibitor, that was the real winner of the evening. If only they gave out Grammys for chestal goodies, the show might suddenly become very watchable.

Katy Cocktease, you do slay us. But enough is enough. We have waited long, we have waited patiently, but before it's too late. Please, I beseech you, which is even stronger than begging I believe, show us your sweet yams so that we may rest in peace. Enjoy.