Katy Perry Chesty Hotness

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bill-swift - January 28, 2016

Thanks to EgoReader 'Ven' for pointing out these lovely pictures of the most cleavetastic Katy Cocktease. I'm not certain they are the brandest of new, but they do show off the pop diva with the racktastic and extra curves to love in various positions you might be dreaming about her undertaking on your kitchen table.

Katy remains the sextastic celebrity most people are dying to see topless. The clock is ticking ticking ticking here as there's a fine line between waiting and doing something revealing in your 60's when the train has left the station. So, Katy, in the immortal words of our fathers and forefathers, won't you please shut us your funbags? Foreplay does indicate there will be play at some point, no? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Scott Nathan

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