Katy Perry Chesty For Vogue Dinner

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michael-garcia - October 27, 2016

Singer and all around hottie Katy Perry brought along her massive melons to a dinner for Vogue Magazine. Ever since Katy first came on the scene a few years ago I have been totally in love with those yumyums of hers. I envied all of her boyfriends and that weirdo British scarecrow Russell Brand for getting the opportunity to touch them. Jealousy is a terrible thing, but I'm afraid to say I definitely covet those ta-tas. Why wouldn't I? They are plump and juicy and oh so satisfying. The cleavage alone will take your breath away. She also likes to show them off, it's clear that she's proud of them. She's got good knockers self-esteem. Katy also has a terrific booty which you can't really see here. She's curvy in all the right spots and slender everywhere else. It's a rare feat and one I greatly respect.

In fact, of all the pop princesses out there I think Katy has the best jugs out of all of them. No one even comes close. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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