Katy Perry Brings Her Innocent Naughty (In Our Minds) Charms to Japan

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bill-swift - September 26, 2012

Katy Cocktease continued her worldwide pimping and promotion tour in Japan where she put herself on leg-display for the premiere of her blockbuster tweener film, Katy Perry: You Still Can't See My Tits in 3D. Yes, we'd rather gouge our eyes out with your eyes than see a minute of this spectacle, but there's no doubt that girls with their parents credit cards and boys who can't quite explain to their dads why they don't like sports are flocking to the theaters to catch Katy revealing her true self, without revealing her true self.

There's no doubt we'd pay a king's ransom, and or the $78 left in our bank accounts, just for five minutes of ravaging time with Katy Perry, maybe a slight discount now that John Mayer has been there and done that. But, again, we'ere left with the inexplicable desire to shout out, 'C'mon, Katy Cocktease, show us your boobs!".