Katy Perry Breakdown #2: Sort Of Throws Chair On American Idol

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Sam Robeson - April 2, 2018

Earlier this morning we checked out Katy Perry's poultry-fueled meltdown on a Japanese game show, but like all celebs as they inch closer to the shart of darkness, her shenanigans are increasing in frequency, and we now have this clip of Perry thinking she's chucking a chair across the room on American Idol. A singing competition that she judges. Perry judges a competition based on singing. Perry. Singing. Talent. why doesn't any of this sound right.

Perry's chair frenzy was caused by her excitement over a contestant's performance. While normally throwing a chair due to excitement would scream of cocaine, the fact that Perry sort of slow-mo places the chair in an aisle in a fit of sloth-like rage means that we might be dealing with downers here. Or maybe she's mixing. Or maybe she's a desperate slut.

Grabbing headlines for being an eccentric genius is one thing, but Perry might as well be trying to court popularity on an elementary school playground by eating bugs. In fact I can't guarantee we won't be seeing that on another Japanese game show. Thankfully Perry has diligently turned herself into what 2015 Miley Cyrus would look like if she was a divorced Ohio mom trying to reclaim her sexuality. We don't care about the wellbeing of ugly people. A matter of principle.


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