Katy Perry Bikini Top Cleavy Peeks from Hotel Balcony

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bill-swift - November 20, 2013

As a word of advise, if you think you're hotel balcony in Miami is safe from our prying peeps, yeah, not so much. Not that Katy Cocktease was doing anything naughty on her balcony, though she was flashing her big cups in a bikini top we've been trying to capture for the past several days of her Miami Beach vacation.

As you know, Katy has made a point out of showing most, but never all, of her faptastic funbags. Just enough to make millions, not enough to to make millions of us happy. She does have one stellar body. And while Katy will use some convoluted personal morality chatter to explain her use of sexuality, but never nekkidness, in her professional career, all we can say is, Katy Cocktease, please show us your boobs! Enjoy.