Katy Perry Bikini Pictures Continue to Bind Her Boobtastic But We Can’t Stop Staring

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bill-swift - July 31, 2012

I'm not even sure how Katy Cocktease got her abundant melons packed into that tight bikini top, but it has some kind of support magic that left us wondering if we'd ever see the full-on frontal wonderments of the teeny-bopper pop star before we grow tired of pleading to see so.

Nevertheless, Katy Cocktease bikini pictures are a true ray of sunshine, a chance to see the bare parts of the admittedly hot and busty brunette, including some nice booty shots and a glimpse into the bikini clad lady nest where only a few lucky rich celebrity bastards will ever be allowed to tread. I guess you could say our feelings toward Katy are a tad complicated. Enjoy.