Katy Perry Bare Midriff For Hillary Clinton

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bill-swift - March 3, 2016

Katy Perry is all in for Hillary Clinton which may not make much sense to you or I, but at least she's into something I suppose. And if she's dressing up and going bare-midriff to support the pantsuit candidate, why not give her a little exposure and a golf clap.

Katy was out stumping for Hillary because that's her thing and let's just say someday I'd hope to have Katy wearing my name across her chest. Maybe not my name, but something personal to me. Katy Cocktease certainly knows how to rally popular support. She's been doing it her entire career. Of course, if she really wanted our votes she knows exactly what must be done. Katy, after all these years of yearning and pleading, now in this Presidential election year, would you please finally show us your faptastic funbags? I care so much more about that than I do Obamacare if I'm being honest. Enjoy.

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